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Personal Awakening. Collective Transformation.

Dr. Michael Sapiro offers a holistic set of skills and services, blending Eastern and Western schools of thought. See below for speaking engagements, retreats, classes, workshops and related offerings.

Private Practice

Integrative psychology merges Western psychological interventions with Nondual and Buddhist meditation practices to address a variety of mental health and spiritual concerns.  Michael finds the greatest sense of well-being and healing comes from living a life of presence, vulnerability, and awareness.  Integrative psychology: awareness based, insight oriented, goal focused.

Awareness based, Insight oriented, Goal focused

Meditation, Philosophy, Noetic Sciences, and Psychology


Michael leads a variety of workshops around the Country.  Topics range from the art and science of transformation, self-care and preventing burnout, expanded human potential, practical Dharma and applications of mindfulness in the clinical realm, psychedelic sciences, etc.


Dr. Michael leads meditation retreats throughout the year, often sponsored by Maitri Sangha Boise, and led with co-teachers.  As Michael is a permitted teacher in the Buddhist Thai Forest tradition and the Kashmir Shaivism lineage, these retreats integrate Buddhist and Nondual meditations and philosophies.  These retreats include various meditative practices, yoga, and dharma talks. He offers one and three day silent retreats around Boise, Idaho. Please see offerings below.


Michael and his wife, Sararak, occasionally lead cultural immersion and meditation retreats to Thailand.  Please see below for current information.

Cultivating Stillness, Ease, and the Joy of Being.

Speaking Engagements

Michael can often be heard speaking on personal and collective transformation, practical mindfulness, expanded human potential, etc., to organizations, institutes, groups, and businesses.  He has given numerous keynote addresses and often combines humor, insight, science, psychology, and spirituality to engage his audience in various topics.

If you are interested in hiring Michael to speak for your organization or event please contact him here 

Presence, Awareness, and Vulnerability: Interpersonal aspects of meditation-based interventions

Into the Wild Inner Yonder: Transformation and Potential" Idaho Air National Guard Yellow Ribbon

Integrated psychology for your organization

Organizational consulting

As a psychologist Michael is trained in organizational and institutional development.  He regularly consults with non-profits and large organizations alike on various program development projects, research studies, self-care seminars, and strategic planning.  He specializes in creative problem solving, and combines his facilitation skills with creativity to address interpersonal or systemic issues within organizations.

Papers, Podcasts, Videos and Talks