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Organizational Consulting

How can integrated psychology inform your organization, research or strategic planning?

Consultation Services

As a psychologist Michael is trained in organizational and institutional development. He regularly consults with non-profits and large organizations alike on various program development projects, research studies, self-care seminars, and strategic planning.  He specializes in creative problem solving, and combines his facilitation skills with creativity to address interpersonal or systemic issues within organizations.

Dr. Sapiro consults with individuals, groups, and organizations wanting to make conscious and sustained changes to help transform the work culture, increase productivity and staff cohesion, enhance self-care practices, and reduce burnout in the work environment.  He creates and offers trainings and programs that are science-based and comprehensive. He also offers mediation services for businesses struggling with communication and achieving goals.  He has created and run programs for VA hospitals, non-profit organizations, townships, and small businesses.
1.  What makes a conscious workplace
  • It is all about the leaders' stance(s) in creating a conscious workplace
  • leadership curiosity about and willingness to engage in new creation processes
  • good critical listening skill
  • knowing how to elicit and solicit creativity, wisdom, and insight from all staff regarding problem solving and to creatively meet goals
  • inviting the best of each person to emerge in the process of creating/doing the work
  • creating an environment conducive to flow states
  • encouraging the practice of and incorporating self-care into the work environment
2.  What facilitates change/transformation for a group
  • leaders must participate at all levels and demonstrate capacity for growth and the skills it takes to overcome and succeed at challenges as a model for staff
  • shared and collaboratively created goals by all involved
  • buy-in from all staff on projects/goals
  • group experiences where transformation is possible/likely, and create bonding and community (not artificial)

Please inquire with Michael about fees.

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