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Radio Awakened: Exploring the furthest reaches of human potential

Live! Wednesdays at 4:30 (Mountain Time) on Radio Boise KRBX

I interview world-renowned musicians, martial artists, scientists, spiritual teachers, etc.

My guests include

  • International bestseller Paulo Bacigalupi

  • Cell Biologist Bruce Lipton

  • Storyteller Michael Meade

  • International Banjo Champion Kyle Tuttle

  • Visionary Henk Rogers

  • Naturalist Lyanda Haupt, author of Rooted

  • Oliver Wood of The Wood Brothers

  • Mark O'Connor

  • Mason Jennings

  • Bill Frisell

  • Jeff Coffin of the Dave Matthews Band

  • MC Yogi

  • Former Navy Seal Joel Lambert

  • Callie Russell from Alone season 7

  • Therapist and sexologist Kimberely Ann Johnson, author of Call of the Wild

  • Charles "The Rockstar" Rodriguez of Glory Kickboxing

  • Jeff Kripal

  • Dan Siegel

  • Cassandra Vieten

  • James Baraz of Spirit Rock

  • Julia Mossbridge

  • Dean Radin

  • Loren Carpenter founder of Pixar

  • Eben Alexander

  • Radical Honest with Brad Blanton

and many more incredible human beings who have contributed to global well being and thriving.

Past Episodes