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Transformational Coaching

Your Evolution Starts Here: Practices for Leveling Up

This service is for those looking to live up to their highest potentials, and for personal and professional thriving.

Learn the 7 principles of The Art of Mastery:  where success is measured by how alive you feel, doing what you love most.

Transformational Coaching moves you toward thriving and the next stage of your evolution by integrating spiritual practices, futuremaking techniques, high-perfomance psychological skills, and cutting-edge science.

Over the course of 3-6 months we will focus on one or two leveling-up goals to address in our work.

Transformational Coaching:  Leveling up and becoming the best of yourself.

Dr. Sapiro offers training and skill-building in:

  • Pursing the heart’s desires for transformation and thriving
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Learning meditation practices (mindfulness, concentration, insight, loving awareness, etc)
  • Fostering self-love and self-compassion
  • Questioning your limiting beliefs and creating healthier ones
  • Becoming an ally to one’s self rather than a harsh critic
  • Building sustainable self-care habits
  • Identifying and bolstering strengths
  • Identifying intentions for growth and development
  • Setting reasonable and attainable goals
  • Mastering mindful communication skills
  • Regulating the nervous system and building internal strength through breathing practices
  • Recognizing and developing intuitive abilities (telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, etc)
  • Developing deep sustainable hope and creating positive future orientation
  • Connecting to Nature and ancestors as a source of strength
  • Integrating all of this learning into a lifestyle

The Sessions

These sessions will be experiential, collaborative, and dynamic. We will use mind-body practices like meditation and body sensing, writing exercises, and will investigate internal experiences like thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions as they relate to or impact your life goals. We will engage in a variety of guided introspection activities so you have the tools necessary to create a life of well-being, peace, and thriving. The ultimate goal of the session is for you to experience the unconditional love needed to feel safe and secure to take chances, make changes, and live up to your highest potential.

In these sessions, you will learn and practice Dr. Sapiro's A.C.O.R.N.S process: An awareness and compassion-based model for living a full vibrant life of wisdom and ease and learn the 7 principles of The Art of Mastery.


Please contact Dr. Mike for session cost.

*Insurance not accepted for this program

This is transformational coaching, and not therapy: If you are seeking traditional psychotherapy, and are in Idaho, please see Dr. Sapiro’s integrative psychology practice.