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Healing Sound Bath and Meditation with Chrystalina and Dr. Mike

Date: 2019-08-29 through 2019-08-29

Hours: 7-9pm

Location: 1520 N 12th St

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Dr. Mike and Chrystalina are two locally established wellness practitioners joining their passions in practice for an evening of sound, chanting, and deeply restorative yoga nidra.

Chrystalina is a bodyworker, space-holder, sound bender and songstress. Dr. Mike is a teacher in the Buddhist Thai Forest Lineage and in the nondual lineage of Kashmir Shaivism. He focuses on the integration of meditation practices and philosophy, social justice, noetic sciences, and psychology. You will be treated to a woven jewel of ambient sound and yoga nidra meditation. Channeled and created for community present in the room it’s a offering of refuge in a world of challenges and expectation. Suggested donation of $10-20 is greatly appreciated!

*Doors open at 6:45pm. Please come early to get a space in front!
*Bring yoga mats, cushions and blankets if you would like to lie down comfortably.
*Childcare will not be available onsite – as this night is an event that requires a gentle silence.