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The Power of Presence: Being Meets Being

Date: 2019-08-03 through 2019-08-03

Hours: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Location: 910 Grand Ave #206 · San Diego, CA

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Join Dr. Michael Sapiro in an engaging and dynamic workshop on Presence, the underlying sense of love and stillness felt between people relating with openhearted curiosity and openness.

Presence is both the inner gateway to experiencing and embodying one’s deepest formless essence, which is felt as love and ease, and the outward gateway for expressing this between one another.

Participants will experience both presence and being through a guided yoga nidra practice and experiential activities meant to deepen one’s connection to self, others, and the surrounding world.

· Guided yoga nidra meditation

· A talk on presence, vulnerability, and awareness

· Experiential listening and conscious connecting activities