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Radio Awakened episode 20 – Sgt. Nick Bauer of the Seattle PD

Nick Bauer Is a sergeant with the Seattle Police Department, with over 28 years of tenure, including tours in patrol, precinct detectives, Major Crime Task Force, Federal Task Force assignments, undercover operations including a one year long term undercover assignment, Homicide detective in the Force Investigations Team that investigated all officer involved shootings for the department, Robbery, and Narcotics. Nick has been involved in lethal shootings, and has been involved in countless critical incidents throughout the years. He is the recipient of the Medal of Valor, Excellence award (2 citations), Inspiration award, and Impact award. Nick has personally surmounted acute critical incident stress related issues, and has now devoted his collateral time to helping other first responders through his work Operations Director for Code 4 Northwest, founding the Lethal Incident response team for the department’s peer support team, over 15 years as a peer support team leader, and other outreach opportunities such as training, CISM debriefs, interventions, and general resource referrals for counseling and treatment.